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Adame Garbota - Ethiopia Spotlight

Posted by Bold Apps on

 This coffee is one that we wait impatiently for, every year. It has a beautiful history so we wanted to shine a little more light on it in this month's letter.

   Ethiopia Adame Garbota is a Fair Trade and Organic Certified coffee from the Yirgacheffe region. As a company we focus on Direct Trade coffees that we build from the ground-up at origin, but our projects in Ethiopia don't usually fit that mold.

This particular lot of coffee is what Ethiopia would consider Grade 1, or a "hand sorted, zero defect" version of what the Adame Garbota Cooperative produces. Like most coffee producers we work with, Adame produces different levels of quality and Grade 1 is the highest quality that can be purchased from the country. Though this coffee doesn't get the Direct Trade stamp like almost all of our other offerings, it's important to remember that it's truly exceptional in the world of coffee.

This is the third year this coffee has been purchased by Olympia Coffee and you may remember that in 2015 Sam Schroeder won 3rd place for Olympia in the US Barista Competition with it, and it won a Good Food Award. It has again won a Good Food Award for 2016 but it was exciting to see we were the only roaster from Washington State to be awarded one for the year. This coffee is truly outstanding.

If you haven't tried it yet order a sample soon, and if you'd like to try it as espresso we are featuring it as our Single Origin Espresso on bar all month at our 3 cafes. 

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