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Try the Pour-Over Recipe We're Using in our Cafes

Posted by Alvin Kim on

There are lots of ways to make a stellar cup of coffee, but we've been using this tried-and-true recipe in our cafes because it pulls out amazing flavors and is super repeatable. For those of you who want to scale up or down, we brew using a 1:16.7 brew ratio. In other words, for every gram of coffee, we use 16.7 grams of water. One gram of water is equal to one milliliter of water. 

    00:00 Bloom
    50g water
    Start a timer and pour 50g of water down the center in a slow, controlled stream. You can pour in quarter-sized circles. 
    00:30 First pour
    150g water

    At 30 seconds, pour a slow, controlled stream in quarter-sized circles until you've reached 150g water weight
    01:00 Second Pour
    300g water

    When the timer reads 1min, begin pouring in a straight stream down the center until the scale reads 300g

    02:00 Last Pour
    400g water

    Finish your pour at 400g and enjoy! Aim to finish between 3:30-4min 

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