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Hambela Natural Lot 215


Hambela Natural Lot 215

Flavors of berry, honey, and clove
Hambela is one of the best-known coffee farms in the world. Three brothers - Aman, Michael, and Tariku Adinew - own Hambela and its partnering exporter operation, METAD. METAD is an incredible Ethiopian coffee company that specializes in high-end specialty coffee. This is our first-ever offering from the region of Guji, where Hambela Farm is located. The farm once belonged to the Adinew brothers' parents, and had been abandoned for decades until they invested in and reclaimed the family tradition of coffee farming. The farm is certified organic, and the brothers have a tremendous heart for people and quality coffee. When visiting the cupping lab in Addis Ababa at METAD's HQ, we spent two days blind cupping their offerings before selecting our favorite lots from this year's harvest. This lot, lot 215, was one of those selections and is a natural processed coffee where the ripe coffee cherries dry on the seeds in the full sun for over a month, penetrating deep fruity flavors into the coffee bean. We purchased 30 bags of the 180 bags produced of this lot.
We all want to be part of the solution not part of the problem, right? Did you know that when you buy specialty coffee without the guarantee of a sustainable price for the farmer you are more than likely to be part of the problem? Coffee, from the start, was and still is a colonial product set on exploiting the people who grow it, all to satiate consumers in wealthier locations.Fair for All is our policy and procedures to ensure that the people who grow, process, export, import our coffee, as well as our staff and our customers benefit from the coffee. Learn more at We purchased 30 bags at $4.00 FOB. When we purchased this coffee the C Market for coffee was at .95 cents and the Fair Trade price was at $1.20.