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Sweetheart Corral Grande


Sweetheart Corral Grande

Flavors of dark chocolate, fruit, and spice
Corral Grande in San Marcos, Guatemala is an area that has largely been undiscovered in the coffee world.
In 2016 we began to look for an area in Guatemala where we could work to source coffee, develop quality, and improve the quality of life for farmers. Through strategic research, we found the right community and collaboratively begun work in the remote area of Corral Grande in western Guatemala. Alongside Caravela Coffee Exporters we have now developed a sourcing program that benefits the lives of the producers there, and years of pre-development work has now identified and isolated quality producers within that community yielding this exciting coffee. Looking at the potential of a given location is challenging, but realizing the fruit of that potential is a near miracle.
Our producers in Corral Grande are now receiving double the price they did just before we arrived, and have started farming on areas of their land they didn't have the money to work on. These families previously struggled to put a roof over their heads, not to mention give their children an education, but today they thrive in the volcanic mountains of San Marcos.
For espresso, we recommend 18 grams of coffee in to 38 grams out at 29-30 seconds extraction time.