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Amparo Pajoy Micro Lot 28


Amparo Pajoy Micro Lot 28

Flavors of chocolate, butter, and berry
This is the 28th micro lot we have purchased from Amparo Pajoy over the nine years we have been buying her coffee. Often these micro lots represent just one week of harvest, offering an amazing chance to dive into the exact location, varietal, and harvest of Amparo's coffee.
Amparo Pajoy is a coffee farmer from San Sebastian De La Plata, Colombia. She has spent her entire life in pursuit of improving the quality of life for her family. Her husband Reinel and their five children help in the production of their coffee as they grow the Caturra, Colombia, and various other varietals of coffee at their farm, which sits at around 1700 meters above sea level. Amparo is constantly trying to improve her coffee's quality. Recently, she's been following the recommendations given to her by our exporter partner Caravela's analysts and educators. She knows that by improving the quality of her coffee she can guarantee a long-term relationship with Olympia Coffee and receive higher prices, which ultimately will allow her family to continue to improve their overall quality of life. Multiple years of partnering with Amparo on micro lot quality coffee, and we once again saw big improvements to both her coffee and her family's opportunities while we visited. Through our Fair for All sourcing standards, they have nearly doubled the size of their hand-built homestead and are thriving.
This is the 28th Micro Lot we have purchased from Amparo Pajoy. We have a fixed contract to purchase 100% of her coffee. This is really the most sustainable model breaking a producer free of the wild swings of the C Market. We purchased this micro-lot 28 for $5.00 USD per LB Farm Gate, from there we worked with Caravela Coffee for export and importing on this lot giving this lot a $5.70 per LB FOB price. In total, there is 924 LBS of this lot.