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Ariz Family SL 34

El Salvador

Ariz Family SL 34

Flavors of berry, chocolate, and black tea
In the 1940s and '50s, El Salvador was the leading coffee state in Central America, and Ricardo Ariz's grandfather: Miguel Angel Ariz was president of the Salvadoran Coffee Association, traveling far and wide in search of the best varietal to bring back home. While receiving various seeds from around the world, he decided to plant a Kenyan coffee varietal in the mountains of El Salvador. It was a trans-Atlantic marriage of Kenyan coffee seeds and the Salvadoran ecosystem. So successful was the relationship that the future offspring would be called simply “Kenya”, and the children of these coffee plants have become some of the most celebrated coffees in the world. This coffee gives us the rare opportunity to see the role that varietal plays in the characteristics of a coffee. While Ricardo Ariz’s Kenya SL 34 has the sweetness of a classic Salvadoran coffee, it also packs the intense fruity power of its African counterpart.
Fair For All is our green coffee sourcing program. We ensure everyone involved in our supply chain is guaranteed a sustainable wage and safe working conditions. The Ariz family are about as close of a relationship as we have in coffee. Marco Ariz the oldest son in the Ariz family is so intertwined with Olympia that he spent two years leading up our sourcing program throughout the world. We cupped this coffee at an 87.5 and paid $6.50 FOB per LB. When we purchase this coffee the C Market was just above $1.00 per LB and Fair Trade was at $1.20.