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Buna Boka


Buna Boka

Flavors of strawberry lemonade, jasmine, and blackberry jam
Coffee that comes from Buna Boka Washing Station tends to be floral and candy sweet. The quality we get to enjoy is the result of decades of conscious business efforts and democratic leadership within the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, one of Ethiopia's best-known coffee cooperative unions. We've worked with the Sidama Union on-and-off for nearly a decade and we're happy to share this fruit-forward and juicy coffee with you today.

As a member of Sidama Coffee, Buna Boka’s 1,069 coffee farmer members average a single hectare of coffee cultivation each, and the majority of coffee produced by the members is fully washed. Buna Boka was founded in 1975 and functioned independently, as did many co-ops and processing groups of the time, for lack of a greater export network. Operating through a system of local buyers who delivered the collected coffee cherry to processors or export auctions, this system remained in place until the late 1990s, when the formation of cooperative unions gave the farmers voting power, as well the higher farm returns that come from directly exporting coffee via the union. Certifications and conscious business plans have been helping vast populations of smallholders gain small but meaningful leverage in the global marketplace.
Fair for all is our sourcing program where we guarantee a fair and sustainable price for all the individuals involved in our coffees, farmers, millers, exporters, importers.Buna Boka is part of purchases we the cooperative Sidama Union. This coffee also holds certifications of Organic and Fair Trade. We paid $3.20 FOB for this coffee and worked with Royal Coffee for importation and financing to get the coffee to the United States. When we purchased this lot the C Market for global coffee was $1.21