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Chelchele Natural Lot 225


Chelchele Natural Lot 225

Flavors of strawberry, chocolate, and cherry
This coffee is sourced from the small village of Chelchele in the southern district of Gedeb, Ethiopia. We worked with METAD, a progressive producer and exporter, to source high-quality coffee cherry from independent farmers. This lot is 100% traceable back to each farmer who contributed and each farmer was paid fair prices for their cherry. Once METAD purchased the cherry it was transported to a processing center in Gedeb for slow, natural drying in the Ethiopian sun. We purchased multiple lots with METAD and Royal Coffee this year; this is Lot 225. Olympia Coffee purchased the majority of this lot with 210 bags out of the 300 produced.
We all want to be part of the solution not part of the problem, right? Did you know that when you buy specialty coffee without the guarantee of a sustainable price for the farmer you are more than likely to be part of the problem? Coffee, from the start, was and still is a colonial product set on exploiting the people who grow it, all to satiate consumers in wealthier locations.Fair for All is our policy and procedures to ensure that the people who grow, process, export, import our coffee, as well as our staff and our customers benefit from the coffee. Learn more at lot is one of our largest we purchase as a small roaster, We purchased 226 bags at $4.00 FOB. When we purchased this coffee the C Market for coffee was at .95 cents and the Fair Trade price was at $1.20.