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Clinton Ossa Bourbon Micro Lot 20


Clinton Ossa Bourbon Micro Lot 20

Flavors of watermelon, cherry, and chocolate
This is Clinton Ossa’s twentieth micro-lot for Olympia Coffee. The entirety of this lot is only about 1000 lbs of green coffee, roughly one week of harvest from his Bourbon trees. Bourbon is a rare and coveted varietal in Colombia a country that widely removed the Bourbon line about 30 years ago. . Even in ideal growing conditions, Bourbon is challenging to cultivate in Colombia's wet conditions as Bourbon is highly susceptible to coffee leaf rust. Clinton Ossa is our most consistent micro-lot and Reserva producer from our Inza-San Sebastian sourcing program and also a winner of the prestigious Cup of Excellence in Colombia. Meticulous attention and constant improvement result in the world-class quality we enjoy year after year; it’s no wonder Clinton has earned a reputation as being one of the best coffee farmers in the world.
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