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El Socorro Java

Flavors of candied citrus, jam, and floral

This Java varietal is one of the many genetic coffee varietals that farmer Juan Diego De La Cerda has experimented with over the last two years at his farm Finca El Socorro in Guatemala. This is our first time sourcing Java from Juan Diego and we think his experiments have paid off. Java coffee plants are often substituted for the famed Geisha varietal in areas where coffee leaf rust is a problem, as it yields similar exotic and floral flavors.

The Java varietal is ancient in heritage, and comes from a strand of Ethiopian heirloom coffee. Dutch traders smuggled Java seeds into what is now Indonesia, where, at the time, the Dutch controlled coffee trade in Europe with their colonies called the Dutch East Indies. The island of Java was the largest in the colonies planted with coffee, and when this coffee arrived into European markets it became so synonymous with coffee that people simply ordered a cup of 'Java'. In the early 20th century a coffee leaf rust destroyed the majority of these old world trees in Indonesia and were replaced with higher yield, and more disease resistant, varietals. El Socorro Java is a unique flavor experience and shows us that some of these old varietals, that are nearly extinct, are truly special and need to be celebrated and protected.

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