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Espíritu Wari


Espíritu Wari

Flavors of milk chocolate, malt, and grape

This coffee comes from independent smallholder farmers in the region of Cusco in southern Peru. In honor of this region's ancient past, we are calling this project Espíritu Wari. The Wari is one of the most important prehistoric civilizations in Peru predating the Incan civilization by at least 400 years. They lived in the mountainous valley of the Ayacucho in the center of the country, a sacred location surrounded by history, magic, ancient cultural artifacts, and breathtaking views. They are the first community known to have implemented terraces for agricultural purposes, and this practice still exists today in the work of the coffee producers who are growing this coffee. Their ancient capital city of Wari is now a massive structure of ruins located high in the Andes mountains. In 2017, archaeologists discovered the ruins of a huge Wari temple in the district of Vilcabamba in la Convención de Cusco.

Today, among the ruins in these highlands lives the group of small-scale coffee farmers we are working with to produce a different kind of magic. Please enjoy this beautiful expression of Peruvian coffee knowing it was grown on soil enriched with centuries of history, ancient wisdom, and the Espíritu Wari.

Sourcing coffee during a global pandemic was not an easy task. We relied heavily on our partners on the ground in Peru to conduct our Fair For All audits, in Peru this year. The first lot from Espiritu Wari comprising of seven farmers coffee. This lot was only 1500 LBS so each producer contributed on average 200LBs. Tiny, production overall. The farmers in Cusco are extremely remote often 6 hours on dirt road from the Collection station in Quillabamba. We cupped this coffee at purchase at an 87 points and paid $3.40 FOB for this Reserve Quality lot.