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El Templo Reserva


El Templo Reserva

Flavors of chocolate, concord grape, and white peach

El Templo Reserva is a blend of small micro lots from our green coffee sourcing program in Guatemala's Huehuetenango region. The producers that contribute to El Templo are small-scale producers earning more than double the local prices by joining our El Templo program. The average size of farms in the region is 3 hectares with a collection of coffee varieties including Bourbon, Pache, Caturra, and Catuai.

Processing is done on each farm where coffee is pulped, fermented with no water for roughly 24 hours then washed. Finally, everything is dried on patios, or more commonly on raised beds..

This lot is a selection from our sourcing program called El Templo. This is our first year working with these producers. This lot comprised 6 lots in total from two farmers Carlos Villatoro and Ovidio Ramirez both in San Pedro Necta Huehuetenango Guatemala.Totaling just over 2000 LBS we purchased it at $3.70 FOB at a cupping score of 87. More than double the price of Fair Trade Coffee. Fair For All also ensures that everyone involved in the growing, picking, processing of this coffee. The price for cherry selection as just $2.00 per LB for this lot double that of the C Market, good sustainable, and Fair prices to ensure the sustainability of farming coffee.