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Karatu AA Micro Lot 20


Karatu AA Micro Lot 20

Flavors of blackberry, jasmine, and grapefruit
Gitwe Cooperative's three washing stations, Karatu, Kibiru, and Karinga, are all located in the Aberdare Mountains of Kiambu County, an hour outside of Nairobi. The Cooperative is extremely small by Kenyan standards, at around 800 farmers. Each farmer's geographic location determines which washing station they contribute to.

This lot comes from the Karatu washing station and was produced as the 20th lot of the season, or harvest day. Before export, coffee is sifted through screen filters and graded by bean size. Beans with a screen size of 17 or 18 (17/64 or 18/64 of an inch) are assigned the grade AA. While bean size is only one factor in deciphering quality, we have seen a pattern that AA coffee tends to include a higher percentage of the varietals SL-28 and SL-34. This is one reason for the superior quality of this origin.
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