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La Palma Honey

El Salvador

La Palma Honey

Flavor of chocolate, strawberry, and wine
Our La Palma project’s goal is to identify, source, and purchase coffees from small-scale, high-quality coffee farmers from La Palma in El Salvador, and add tangible quality of life value back to these producers. La Palma is a small village set amongst the tall mountains of Chalatenango, which creates a barrier between three countries: Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Constant cold fronts and high altitudes in these mountains create the perfect conditions for some of the sweetest coffees we’ve tried.

This is a collection of Bourbon and Pacas from five producers' Honey Processed lots: Melvin Flores, Orlando Aguilar, Matias Hernandez, Dimas Garica, and Benjamin Garica. The honey process pulps the cherry, but skips the normal fermentation process, allowing for the sticky sugar fruit to linger a little longer. This leaves more time for fruit sweetness to be imparted onto the bean.
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