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Little Buddy


Little Buddy

Flavors of sweet berries, stone fruit, and chocolate

Roasted and blended for flavor intensity and sweetness. Little Buddy is a blend for those seeking an adventurous, complex fruit laden cup balanced perfectly by comfortable chocolaty flavor notes .

Little Buddy was the name of a teenager's first car. This blend of coffees, just like the car Little Buddy, takes an inexperienced palate and guides it towards a new world, transported by a vehicle that is fun and exciting to roll with. Little Buddy is our espresso blend for our Proctor-Tacoma location. The spirit of the City of Destiny is captured in every sip. Enjoy!

Little Buddy Blend is currently: Ethiopia Gola, Burundi Long Miles Reserve, and Ethiopia Jibicho. For espresso, we recommend 18 grams of coffee in and 41 gram finish weight with an extract time of 28-30 seconds. For filter coffee we recommend brewing at a ratio of 1g coffee to 16g water by weight or 1 tablespoon of coffee to 3oz of water by volume.