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Long Miles Gitwe Natural Micro Lot 1


Long Miles Gitwe Natural Micro Lot 1

Flavors of maraschino cherry, cola, and melon


Gitwe Natural Micro Lot 1 represents the from one day from one hill all sun-dried to create a world exclusive micro lot. After tasting dozens of day lots from Gitwe Hill, we selected just a handful of this year’s very best.

Gitwe Hill coffees are grown by a diverse collection of farmers in Burundi. This coffee is processed naturally, and the ripe cherries are simply dried in the sun by the Long Miles Coffee team. Long Miles Coffee was founded by Ben Carlson (a great friend of Olympia Coffee) with the dream of improving the lives of coffee farmers in this special country.

We have worked with the team at Long Miles from the very beginning and we're so proud to see the impact our purchases have had there over the years. It’s been truly life-changing for these farmers.