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Lucas Melo Reserve


Lucas Melo Reserve

Flavor of berry, chocolate, and chamomile

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When you visit Lucas Melo’s farm, El Cairo, you start to understand how one coffee can taste so perfect. Waterfalls, butterflies, birdsongs, and the scent of flowers fill your senses and soul. This is the place. This is where it starts.

El Cairo is one of the highest elevation coffee farms in the world, at 2,300 meters above sea level. Perched on the Galeras volcano in Narino, Colombia, Lucas’ farm is one of the most remote in the area. As a third-generation coffee farmer, he knew when he bought his farm a decade ago the level of hard work and dedication that would be required to grow the best coffee in the world; today, Lucas is one of a handful of coffee farmers that have pre-sold their entire harvest - even before cherries develop on the trees.

Winning the Cup of Excellence three years straight is proof that Lucas Melo knows what he is doing. Even with his global recognition, Lucas still does most of the work at the farm himself, and he pays his staff double the local rate to ensure that only perfectly ripe cherries are selected off the trees. To be honest, Lucas’ coffee is expensive for Olympia Coffee as we compete with roasters 100 times larger than us to be able to buy his coffee, and we pay a lofty price for it in the end. However, we know it is worth every penny. This is just one of those coffees that you would be perfectly happy to drink for the rest of your life. Just perfect.

Transparency is something we value very much at Olympia Coffee. We think that specialty coffee is truly special and that farmers who grow this quality should not be tied to prices at C Market. When we purchased this coffee the C Market for coffee was at $1.08 which is below the cost of production for most specialty farmers. We work in a unique way, directly with farmers to offer sustainable and beneficial payments for their special coffees. We offered and paid $7.50 per LB for Lucas Melo lots, we have combined 3 micro lots scoring 88 points each into this Reserve Lot. Our total purchase was 1550lbs. We then used Caravela Coffee to Export and Import this coffee into the United States.