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Luis Hernandez Pacas

El Salvador

Luis Hernandez Pacas

Flavors of chocolate, cherry, and honey

Luis Hernandez is a coffee farmer in the Chalatenago region of El Salvador.

We met Hernandez a couple years back after purchasing coffee from his neighbor, Melvin Flores. His farm sits in the canyon called Aquacatal, named after the towering Avocado trees that shade the farms.

This little micro region outside of the town of La Palma is super special because of its position at 1,800 meters above sea level. It's at just the right altitude for growing Bourbon, Pacas and Pacamara, some of our favorite varietals in El Salvador.

Hernandez had heard about our Fair For All standards and was interested in partnering with Olympia Coffee. We provided some feedback to help improve his coffee's quality, and established goals in order for us to purchase his coffee in the future.

After one year of improvements, Luis Hernandez met his goals on picking and processing, and we now have purchased 100% of his coffee for the season, including Bourbon and Pacas varietals which have been separated for us. This is his Pacas varietal lot.

For Hernandez, selling these lots to Olympia Coffee earns him 50% more than when he sold through traditional means. His coffee and story is an excellent example of the work we seek to do with our Fair For All sourcing program.

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