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Matias Hernandez Pacamara

El Salvador

Matias Hernandez Pacamara

Flavors of chocolate, cherry, and lime

Matías Hernandez has been related to coffee his entire life. He comes from a coffee growing family. Since he was eight years old, he saw his parents working on the farm and with the passing of the years, coffee became a special interest and passion for Matías.

As he grew older it became clear to him that coffee was what he wanted to do for a living; he began to dream of owning his own farm. His motivation was to put into practice everything that his parents taught him and make them feel proud that he was continuing with their legacy. Additionally, he wanted to have a family and knew that coffee could provide him a good quality of life.

In 2005 he thought it was time to have his own farm, so he purchased the land and started his own coffee business. In this process of becoming a coffee producer, Matias has learned many things, but especially how to implement good farming practices and grow coffee in a sustainable way. The best thing that has ever happened to Matías on Finca Los Pozos was when he met his wife. He saw her for the first time on the farm and after a few years, they married and Maria became part of this family business. Today, the whole family works very hard to produce excellent quality coffee in line with having a sustainable and profitable farm.

This coffee was produced and sourced to Fair For All standards. Learn more at Since 2010 we have been working with independent small scale coffee farmers in La Palma, Chalatenango El Salvador. We working with these producers because you can truly make a huge difference in their quality of life. Typically these farmers sold cherry to middlemen who combined it into regional specialty coffee blends. But this sourcing program has shone the spotlight on so many great farmers. This is our second year purchasing coffee Matias Hernandez. Matias is a bit of a rising star in fact, his production is extremely small, this lot was only 300 LBS and comprised of all his Pacamara for the year. We scored this coffee an 88 at the time of purchase. We paid $4.50 per LB for this coffee and hired Caravela for Export and Import in the United States.