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Orlando Aguilar Honey Micro Lot

El Salvador

Orlando Aguilar Honey Micro Lot

Flavors of chocolate, cherry, and coconut

Orlando Aguilar is a star producer from our La Palma, El Salvador sourcing program.

La Palma is a small village set amongst the tall mountains of Chalatenango, that create a barrier between three countries: Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Orlando Aguilar grows Bourbon and Pacas varietal coffees and processes primarily in the "Honey" style process. This method creates a layer of sugars over the bean, which add incredible character and complexity to his delicious coffees.

This coffee was produced and sourced to Fair For All Standards. Learn more at  Since 2010 we have been working with independent small scale coffee farmers in La Palma, Chalatenango El Salvador. We working with these producers because you can truly make a huge difference in their quality of life. Typically these farmers sold cherry to middlemen who combined it into regional specialty coffee blends. But this sourcing program has shone the spotlight on so many great farmers. This is our third year purchasing coffee from Orlando Aguilar. This lot is 1216 LBS of Red Honey Process one of 6 Honey processed lots Orlando produced this year, they others went into our La Palma blend. We paid $4.00 per LB directly to Orlando. Roughly three times the premium of Fair Trade coffee. We then worked with Caravela Coffee for Export and Import into the United States.