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El Salvador

Ricardo Ariz Pacamara

Flavors of brown sugar, lime, and papaya
Long time producer partner Ricardo Ariz is near and dear to our hearts at Olympia Coffee. Each year we work with Ricardo, the quality of his coffee from his farm El Aguila gets better and better. Why? Ricardo is passionately improving each year, always looking for ways to improve cherry and varietal selection at El Aguila. He has also listened to us. When we have asked for processing improvements at the wet mill El Carmen, he ensured changes were made.
All our coffee from Ricardo Ariz is now fully washed, fermented underwater, and dried on raised beds. These processing techniques alone are what make Ricardo a rare breed in El Salvador. This is a selection of the Pacamara varietal at Ricardo Ariz's farm El Aguila. The Pacamara grows in the center of the farm at 1600-1700 meters. It tends to be a very sensitive varietal at the farm, costing more in management and labor. But when you ask Ricardo why he continues to grow Pacamara he simply says, "It makes an awesome cup."

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