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Zacarias Chavez Micro Lot 1


Zacarias Chavez Micro Lot 1

Flavors of chocolate, red berries, and raisin
Zacarias Chavez is a fourth-generation coffee farmer from Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia. This is our first ever micro lot from Zacarias, and he credits his coffee's quality to his love of his farm and for growing coffee. He says part of the magic comes from the vintage Caturra varietal trees growing at his farm. At 78 years old, he is not ready to stop producing amazing coffee; in fact, he has goals to win Colombia’s Cup of Excellence before he is ready to slow down. With the premiums he is receiving from Olympia Coffee, Zacarias is investing in post-harvest infrastructure and drying structures to improve the quality of his coffee. He is committed to becoming a better coffee farmer every harvest.
Fair for all is our certification towards a fair wage and transparent payment for the coffee we purchase. We purchased this coffee at 88 points. We partnered with Caravela Coffee for Export and Import and this lot for Zacarias Chavez, the FOB price was 4 times that of the C market at $5.00 USD per LB.