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Tip Jar (Donations Only)

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Tip Jar (Donations Only)

100% of Proceeds Benefit Employees

Thank you! We are sold out of the Tip Jar Peru El Guayacan coffee. However, if you would like to support our team, we are continuing to accept donations!

Tip Jar” is an employee-focused coffee that directly supports our baristas and roasters. 100% of proceeds from the sale of each bag of Tip Jar will be placed in a tip pool then donated directly to staff members experiencing hardship due to the Coronavirus/Covid 19-caused downturn.

In less than a week, our team went from working predictable hours to navigating a diminished schedule--and now, store closures. Still, nobody knows what the next few weeks will look like. Our employees have are in a precarious position,. so we're using the thing we do best (coffee) to their benefit!

By purchasing Tip Jar, you'll directly support your favorite baristas and enjoy a brand new offering to our lineup: Peru El Guayacan. This fully-washed Typica varietal is harvested to Fair For All  standards. Grown at over 1800m with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and nuts, this is an easy-drinking, all-day coffee. Basically, it's the perfect coffee for working from home.

*Discounts are not applicable to Tip Jar*