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Matte black 1.2 liter vacuum sealing canister, made by Fellow. With custom Olympia Coffee artwork featuring the round Olympia Coffee logo surrounded by  white line drawings of coffee plants.


Atmos Vacuum Coffee Canister

Keep your precious Olympia Coffee beans fresher, longer. This 1.2-liter matte-black, stainless steel coffee canister holds up to 16 oz. of your favorite coffee beans. Its easy-to-use vacuum sealing mechanism defends your coffee from oxygen, protecting its freshness and flavor. And, custom-printed with an elegant coffee plant design and our go-to brew ratio recipe, it's countertop ready.

To operate the vacuum seal mechanism:

1. Press the lid securely onto the canister.
2. Twist the rotating outer shell of the lid until the small black indicator button on top of the lid depresses and shows green. This may take a minute; keep twisting, and you'll feel more resistance as you get closer.
3. To remove the lid, simply press and hold the center black button. You'll hear the air release. Then just pull the lid off and enjoy your coffee!

Made by Fellow Products.