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Adame Garbota


Adame Garbota

Flavors of candied lemon peel, brown sugar, and tea

The Adame Garbota Cooperative is in the Wenago Kebele, in the heart of the most important coffee region in the world, Yirgacheffe. We have been working with this cooperative for the last decade in partnership with their parent Cooperative YCFCU. We are proud to have roasted their coffee over many years and won a Good Food Awards for Adame Garbota. We think a number of factors make the Adame Garbota coffee so good. They are growing coffee at some of the highest altitudes in the world at 2300 meters, the classic Yirgacheffe style coffee processing is practiced within the Cooperative, a 48 hours underwater fermentation, then washed, and dried on raised beds. This unique processing helps accentuate the heirloom varietals that play such a dominant role in the flavor of Adame Garbota's coffee. 

Transparency is something we value very much at Olympia Coffee. We think that specialty coffee is truly special and that farmers who grow this quality should not be tied to prices at C Market. When we purchased this coffee the C Market for coffee was at $1.02 which is below the cost of production for most specialty farmers. We work in a unique way, directly with farmers to offer sustainable and beneficial payments for their special coffees. We offered and paid $3.20 per LB for Adame Garbota lot 2 Grade 2 more than double the base price of Fair Trade coffee. Our total purchase was 3960 lbs. We then used Yirgacheffee Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union to Export and Royal Coffee to Import this coffee into the United States.