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Alberto Ochoa Pacamara

El Salvador

Alberto Ochoa Pacamara

Flavors of papaya, lime, and butter

Alberto Ochoa is a coffee farmer from La Palma, Chalatenango, El Salvador, and this lot is his 100% pure Pacamara lot. The Pacamara varietal is native to El Salvador, and has been one of the most award-winning and high-scoring coffee varieties ever. This coffee was sourced using Fair For All methods from our longstanding La Palma project.

The goal of the La Palma project is to identify, source, and purchase coffees from small-scale, high-quality coffee farmers in the region, and to bring tangible quality of life value to these producers. La Palma is a small village set amongst the tall mountains of Chalatenango, in an area often called El Trifinio, where the borders of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala meet.

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