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Amparo Pajoy Tesoro Micro Lot


Amparo Pajoy Tesoro Micro Lot

Flavors of chocolate, grape, and plum
Amparo Pajoy is a coffee farmer from San Sebastian De La Plata, Colombia. Amparo grows the Caturra coffee varietal up at over 1,700 meters above sea level, and is constantly trying to improve her coffee's quality by following the recommendations given to her by our exporter partner Caravela's analysts and educators. She knows that by improving the quality of her coffee she can guarantee a long-term relationship with Olympia Coffee and receive higher prices, which ultimately will allow her family to continue to improve their quality of life. Multiple years of partnering with Amparo on Micro Lot quality coffee, and we once again saw big improvements to both her coffee and her family's opportunities while we visited this year. Through our investments they have nearly doubled the size of their hand-built homestead and announced to us that they are in the process of buying their neighboring farm land where they one day hope to plant the famed Geisha varietal. When asked what she would like Olympia Coffee's customers to know, Amparo simply said "That because of you, we are thriving!"

This small lot was harvested by her in March of 2018, and we call it "Tesoro", which means treasure, because it truly is the very best coffee, from the best producer in San Sebastian. This Tesoro lot advanced all the way into the finals of the Colombian Cup of Excellence, and when we tasted it, we offered her the craziest high price so that we could secure it. For the last year Olympia Coffee has been Amparo's exclusive buyer, and we wanted to continue our close partnership with this lot, earning the opportunity to share a truly outstanding treasure of Colombian coffee.