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Ariz Family Bourbon Natural

El Salvador

Ariz Family Bourbon Natural

Flavors of berry, wine and caramel
Long-time producer partners Ricardo and Marco Ariz are near and dear to our hearts at Olympia Coffee. Each year that we work with this father-son team, the quality of the coffee from their farm El Aguila gets better and better. Why? The Ariz Family are passionate about progressing each year, always looking for ways to improve the varietal selection at El Aguila. They continue to work closely with Olympia Coffee and are a strong ally in our focus on quality.

This Micro-Lot, exclusive to Olympia Coffee, is a selection of El Aguila’s Bourbon coffee cherry, processed in the Natural method. Natural processing leaves the coffee fruit on the bean as it dries in the sun, drawing the sweetness of the coffee cherry into the bean. This method greatly influences the characteristics of the final cup of coffee, highlighting the flavors of the coffee fruit itself.
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