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Ariz Family SL 28

El Salvador

Ariz Family SL 28

Flavors of berries, tea, and brown sugar
SL28 is a coffee varietal that is highly prized as one of the very best in coffee, but its existence is very rare outside of Kenya. In the 1950s as coffee prices were again at an all-time high, coffee farmers in El Salvador started looking for new varietals to try on their farms. While most were busy focusing on the new Bourbon varietal that later took over the entirety of Latin America, Miguel Angel Ariz was contemplating a new breed of the coffee tree: Kenyan coffee. Once planted in his wife's farm at a very high altitude, it was a trans-Atlantic marriage of Kenyan coffee seeds and the Salvadoran ecosystem. This coffee is totally unique, uncharted and rare - a prime example of the innovation we can achieve from our direct partnerships with forward-thinking coffee growers.

The Ariz family is dedicated to the people who work at the farm as much as they are dedicated to the quality of this coffee. This makes him a pioneering partnership in our Fair For All efforts. Our coffee purchases from the Ariz are built on our agreement that all of his workers are paid a living wage as a part of creating this delicious coffee.
Fair for All