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Carlos Tunubala Pink Bourbon


Carlos Tunubala Pink Bourbon

Flavors of peach, grape, and caramel

This lot represents the entirety of Carlos Tunubala's Pink Bourbon Varietal, a world exclusive lot of only 150 lbs. that Olympia Coffee purchased through our Fair For All sourcing program. Carlos Tunubala is a star producer from the town of Inza, in the Cauca department of Colombia. He is our most consistent micro-lot and Reserva producer from our Inza sourcing program. His coffee has a unique flavor profile that brings forth flavors more reminiscent of Ethiopian coffees that are unique, with floral and berry notes.

Carlos Tunubala has a small 2-hectare farm where he grows Caturra, Typica and Pink Bourbon varieties of coffee at 1,900 meters above sea level. He picks, pulps, ferments, and washes all of his own coffee using his micro mill on his farm. After processing, he dries all of his coffee in his courtyard on raised screens for slow drying and good airflow. All of these detailed steps are part of the process that earns Carlos Tunabala the reputation as being one of the best coffee farmers in the world.