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Espíritu Cusco


Espíritu Cusco

Flavors of dark chocolate, peanut butter, and red fruits
This coffee comes from independent smallholder farmers in the region of Cusco in southern Peru. In honor of this region's ancient past, we are calling this project Espíritu Cusco. The Cusco region is the oldest continuously inhabited area in the Americas. The Inca civilization built up massive cities, such as Cusco and the royal residence of Machu Picchu.

Today, among the ruins in these highlands lives the group of small-scale coffee farmers we are working with to produce this amazing coffee. Please enjoy this beautiful expression of Peruvian coffee knowing it was grown on soil enriched with centuries of history.
Sourcing coffee during a global pandemic was not an easy task. We relied heavily on our partners on the ground in Peru to conduct our Fair For All audits, on the ground in Peru last year. The lot from Espiritu Cusco comprising of twelve farmer's coffee. This lot was only 15200 LBS. The farmers in Cusco are extremely remote often 6 hours on a dirt road from the Collection station in Quillabamba. We cupped this coffee at purchase at 85.5 points and paid $3.20 FOB for this coffee.