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Gishubi Honey


Gishubi Honey

Flavors of honey, nougat, and heavy cream
This is a rare honey processed micro lot from the Gishubi Hill in Kayanza, Burundi. Gishubi Hill farmers contribute their coffee as part of the Long Miles Coffee Project. This Honey Process is a technique was created at the Long Miles Coffee Project’s Heza Washing Station. This technique involves leaving a bit of fruit on the bean and this greatly contributes to the flavors added sweetness and over all fruity characteristic. The Long Miles Coffee Project is a dream coffee project created by American Ben Carlson to facilitate meaningful and direct relationships between coffee roasters and coffee farmers in the poorest country in the world, Burundi. This work is rounded in our mission as company as well as Long Miles Coffee Project: To improve the quality of life.
Gishubi Hill Farmers, Honey Processed at Heza Washing Station.