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Gitwe Micro Lot 10


Gitwe Micro Lot 10

Flavors of brown sugar, orange, and black tea
Gitwe Micro Lot 10 represents a single day of harvest -- the 10th day, in fact. After tasting dozens of day lots from Gitwe Hill, we selected just a handful of this year’s very best. Gitwe Hill coffees are grown by a diverse collection of farmers in Burundi -- one of Africa’s tiniest nations. This coffee is processed at the Heza washing station, one of two stations in Burundi run by the Long Miles Coffee Project. Long Miles Coffee was founded by Ben Carlson (a great friend of Olympia Coffee) with the dream of improving the lives of coffee farmers in this special country. We have worked with the team at Long Miles from the very beginning and we're so proud to see the impact our purchases have had there over the years. It’s been truly life-changing for these farmers.
Long Miles Coffee Project started in 2012 as a method of improving lives with coffee producers in the world's poorest nation, Burundi. Olympia Coffee was the first roaster globally to partner and purchase coffee from Long Miles. From the beginning, transparency was the basis for how we would conduct business. This bristled many feathers in Burundi. Today, every micro-lot we purchase is kept separate and paid separately as a season end bonus to every farmer that contributes. Gitwe Lot 10 was 2904 lbs we paid $3.90 FOB for this coffee. We hired Community Coffee Collective to Export this coffee and Osito Imported it into the United States.