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Desta Gola is a farmer we discovered during the coffee harvest in 2018 when we visited Adame Gorbota, a large cooperative in Yirgacheffe Ethiopia where we have been purchasing coffee for many years. Our goal in 2018 was to identify farmers there who we could purchase from directly, with full transparency, to add value back into improving their lives through our partnership. 
That lead us to Gola, who farms about 5 acres and produced 60 bags of coffee this year outside the village of Wenago. We had the opportunity to purchase all of his production for the year directly, and even helped him secure an exporter license outside of his Cooperative. By selling directly to Olympia Coffee and exporting it himself, rather than contributing to his Cooperative, he was able to earn 25% more for the same coffee production. Gola's coffee exemplifies what we love about Ethiopian coffee and the people that we get to work with there as a part of our Fair For All buying practices.