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Flavors of spice, berries, and fresh cut fir
This holiday season we created a blend to celebrate Ethiopia, the birthplace of Arabica coffee, and the advances made in our sourcing work there during 2018.

Traditionally, coffee in Ethiopia is grown by small holder producers working within a larger cooperative to export their coffee. Over the last two years, we have worked to identify producers that have the quality and quantity of coffee needed to separate from their cooperatives and in turn, earn more for themselves and their families. We incentivize these producers independence by purchasing from them directly at our Fair For All prices, allowing them to retain 30% more than what they would have earned from their cooperative. This enables them to become their own owner, operator, and exporter. This level of transparency and independence is new to Ethiopian coffee and we are excited to showcase its merits and celebrate it with our customers this Holiday season.

To best express this, we've blended coffees produced by two of these outstanding farmers in the Yirgacheffe region. Farmer Adisu Kidane’s coffee has been grown and sun-dried in the traditional Natural process manner, lending fruity, berry forward flavors and a bit of spice, while producer Desta Gola’s fully washed coffee brings forth flavors of plum and citrus zest. When combined, their coffees create our 2018 Holiday Blend and take us back to coffee's origins, as a tribute to the dynamic flavors brought forth from its birthplace.