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Inza Reserva

Flavors of brown sugar, blackberry, and apple juice.

Inza Reserva is part of the Las Mingas project: our partnership with independent farmers in the town of Inza in Cauca, and Caravela Coffee Exporters. Over 100 farmers their small lots for approval to our Las Mingas Project in Inza. Las Mingas is an indigenous Colombian word that means ‘a group effort toward success.’ The projects that Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. has undertaken in the Cauca are exactly that: Las Mingas. Without the producers, the exporter, the importer and ourselves pulling equal weight, we wouldn’t see such extraordinary coffees. These small lots are combined together into a blend we call Inza Reserva. The producers who make up Inza Reserva are paid premiums for high quality coffee. Extreme altitude and simple yet clean processing are keys to success in this coffee growing paradise. These producers work intimately with their coffee cultivation and processing. The coffee cherry are harvested and then manually depulped with hand cranked depulpers. The beans are then fermented in concrete or tiled tanks, washed by hand and dried in solar dryers.