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Kaguma AB


Kaguma AB

Flavors of grapefruit, rose, and caramel
Kenya is known for the amazing quality of its coffee, but it is a difficult place to develop long-term partnerships directly with growers. In early 2019, we started to explore the quality of coffee from Meru County, a region other buyers didn't seem to be sourcing from or collaborating with.

Most coffees from the cooperatives and factories in Meru County end up at an auction, where they are generally blended together and sold to larger, more commercial buyers for lower prices. We saw the potential in these coffees for improved quality and collaboration. In the summer of 2019, we sourced coffees from five cooperatives and factories, and we are excited to showcase them to you starting this year.

Our fifth Micro-Lot of the season is from Kaguma, a small cooperative of sixty in Meru County. These coffees are processed in typical Kenyan fashion using a McKinnon disc pulper, a 12-hour dry fermentation, and secondary underwater fermentation. This promotes extremely clean, sparkling acidity coffees. This selection of Kaguma is from Out-turn 4, and we had the coffee prepared and exported as the largest bean size from Kenya, known as the AB grade.
Transparency is key to our Fair For All sourcing standards. Transparency tells the world that "yes, we value this coffee, and that yes, we paid fair prices for it." When we purchased this coffee in the summer of 2019 the C Market for coffee was trading at about $1.10 per LB, a price below the cost of production for most small-scale Kenyan farmers. This lot of Kaguma AB Out-turn 1 is only about 700 LBS of green coffee. At a score of 88 points, we purchased this lot at $5.50 FOB from the Kaguma factory. We used Crowd Farm Africa for dry milling at export and we hired Jamii Coffee to import this lot into the United States.