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Flavors of berry, rose, and caramel
The Kiandu Coffee Factory is part of the Mutheka Coffee Farmer’s Society in Nyeri County. The factory (washing station) has roughly 6,000 contributing farmers. The average farmer has about 150 trees on their land. They grow coffee inter-cropped with tea, corn, beans, and sweet potatoes. After picking, ripe cherry is brought to the factory where it undergoes processing to remove the fruit pulp surrounding the seed (the bean). Next, the coffee is fermented without water for 24 hours. It is then carefully washed in channels to ensure all of the pulp of the fruit is removed. The final step is a post soaking process where the coffee beans are fully submerged in water for a full day to even out the water content. Slow drying of the coffee over about two weeks helps with the stability and longevity of the coffee.