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Long Miles Karuthi Peaberry


Long Miles Karuthi Peaberry

Flavors of hibiscus, pineapple, and caramel

It's easy to find a traceable Kenyan coffee of outstanding quality, but the real challenge is in the effort to build long-standing, trust-based relationships with farmers who are willing to work with us exclusively year after year. These kinds of mutually beneficial relationships are what our sourcing team is working toward and are why we have access to high-quality first lot selections.

Our relationship with Long Miles Coffee is an example of this work. Long Miles Coffee is working as our partner at origin and ensures traceability and quality in production practices. Their support ensures that only the ripest cherries are processed for us in the receiving process, that equipment used in the wet milling process is properly calibrated for careful wet processing, and the drying process retains quality by slow, yet thorough, drying practices.

This lot comes from the Karuthi Factory within the Othaya Cooperative. Before export, coffee is sifted through screen filters and graded by bean size. The bean size of this lot is called a Peaberry. Peaberries are the rare occurrence of a coffee cherry developing one seed rather than the usual two seeds per cherry. Some believe the seed in a peaberry develops more sweetness as all the nutrients permeate into the one peaberry!