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Luis Gabriel Sudan Rume


Luis Gabriel Sudan Rume

Flavors of lemon zest, floral, and caramel

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This is our first time working with Luis Gabriel and his farm Misiones, located in Mesitas del Colegio, Cundinamarca, Colombia. Luis has 15 varieties on his farm, including the extremely rare and delicious Sudan Rume. The Sudan Rume varietal originates from modern-day South Sudan, in what is now Boma National Park. The park lies just across the border from Ethiopia, in the small area of the globe where Arabica coffee still grows completely wild.

Sudan Rume is an heirloom, or “wild,” varietal, and there are very few plantings of pure Sudan Rume grown anywhere in the world. There are even less sold as a roasted product, and we feel very lucky to have this Reserve lot at Olympia Coffee.

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