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Martínez Sisters Micro Lot


Martínez Sisters Micro Lot

Flavors of peach, strawberry, and chocolate
Fatima, Margarita, and Taneslada Martínez are three sisters who are growing some of the best coffee in San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango. In this remote region of northern Guatemala, each sister individually hand picks, hand pulps, and hand washes their coffees at their own farm, all of which are within one mile of each other. These represent the best of the best coffees coming out of our El Templo-Huehuetenango sourcing program. The Martínez sisters' farms are at about 1800 meters, with warm days and chilly nights, drawing a deep sweetness into the coffee. The production from the Martínez sisters is so small that we decided to combine them together into this spectacular offering.

This micro-lot is a long time coming; we have been working with small scale independent farmers for over a decade as part of our Fair For All sourcing program. The Martinez sisters exemplify the values of this program, adding tangible quality of life improvements that allow for investment and development at the farm level that now produce micro-lot grade coffees.
This lot is a selection from our sourcing program called El Templo. This is our first year working with these producers. This lot comprised 3 lots from the three Martínez Sisters Fatima, Margarita and Taneslada in San Pedro Necta Huehuetenango Guatemala. Totaling just over 2000 LBS we purchased it at $4.00 FOB at a cupping score of 88. More than double the price of Fair Trade Coffee. Fair For All also ensures that everyone involved in the growing, picking, processing of this coffee was paid fair prices for their coffee, in safe working conditions. --