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Melvin Flores Micro Lot

El Salvador

Melvin Flores Micro Lot

Flavors of chocolate, cherry, and fig
Melvin Flores’ farm is situated at 1,500 meters outside the village of La Palma, Chalatenago, one of the highest growing regions in El Salvador.

The farm is on the leeward side of a mountain, uniquely streaked with loamy soils, where Pacas varietal coffee cherries thrive and develop a deep sweetness.

Processing is done on a small hand pulper and fermented in an open concrete tank for up to 12 hours, allowing for a small amount of honey to remain on the bean. Drying the honeyed coffee slowly for 18 to 20 days creates a coat of sugars on the parchment which adds a unique quality to his coffees.

We believe Melvin Flores is one of the best producers in the area, which is why for many years we have bought his entire lot. We are proud to be the only roaster to offer his coffee.