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Flavors of orange, brown sugar, and tea

Ben and Kristi Carlson are Americans who moved to Burundi with a dream to facilitate meaningful and direct relationships between coffee roasters and coffee farmers by producing great coffee and telling the stories of the people who grew it. The Long Miles Coffee Project is the fruit of their dreams and an important part of building a strong coffee sector in one of the poorest countries in the world. As part of the project, the Carlsons built a mill in the community of Bukeye and Kayanza where they purchase coffee cherries from the surrounding three hills, including Mikuba. During last year's harvest, Olympia Coffee sent staff to live and work alongside local farmers, cupping lots of coffee daily, resulting in this selection. To learn more about our work in Burundi, check out our video Coffee, People, Potential at

Bourbon Fully Washed Long Miles Coffee Project, Heza Washing Station, Mikuba Hill