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Monarch Kona Gesha Natural Carbonic Maceration


Monarch Kona Gesha Natural Carbonic Maceration

Flavors of tropical fruit, jam, and macadamia

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Aloha! This Reserve lot from Monarch Coffee is a unique selection of the most prized coffee varietals in the world - Gesha. As an Ethiopian Heirloom coffee grown in Hawai'i, the Gesha varietal plays a huge role in the flavor of this coffee. However, this lot was custom-made for Olympia Coffee and is unique in its processing as well.

This lot was processed in a custom technique called Carbonic Maceration. First, the coffee cherries are siphoned to remove low-density “floaters,” then added to an airtight tank with a one-way valve. Because the cherry skins are left whole, fermentation may take weeks. During this time, carbon dioxide is slowly added to the tank. The varying levels of pressure in the tank create different sugars and pectins that contribute to the fermentation. The cherries near the bottom of the tank are gently pressed over time by gravity, whereas cherries near the top remain unpressed, so fermentation occurs more slowly and almost entirely inside the skin of the fruit. After fermentation is complete, the cherries are dried both mechanically and in the sun, depending on the local weather.

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