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Monarch Kona Gesha Honey Maceration


Monarch Kona Gesha Honey Maceration

Flavors of fruit candy, peach, and floral

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Aloha! We are excited to share one of the most amazing Hawaiian coffees we have ever had. This Monarch Reserve coffee is a unique selection of the most prized coffee varietal in the world, Gesha. As an Ethiopian Heirloom coffee grown in Hawai'i, the Gesha varietal plays a huge role in the flavor of this coffee. However, this lot was custom-made for Olympia Coffee and is unique in its processing as well. The Stilles used Oro yeast to inoculate and control the fermentation of the coffee's fruit more precisely. The coffee was added to a stainless steel fermentation tank and all the oxygen was removed. During this time, carbon dioxide is slowly added to the tank. The varying levels of pressure in the tank create different sugars and pectins that contribute to the fermentation. The coffee seeds near the bottom of the tank are gently pressed over time by gravity, whereas coffee near the top remains unpressed, so fermentation occurs more slowly. After fermentation is complete, the honeyed coffee is dried both mechanically in a climate-controlled room.

Greg and Susy Stille spent more than thirty years falling in love with the Hawaiian Islands and its people before starting Monarch Coffee in their retirement. Monarch is a true ohana operation, with the Stille's adult children joining all aspects of operations during the harvest. Monarch farm is in the legendary Kona moku, or district, on the Big Island of Hawai'i, with views of the Pacific Ocean and the slopes of Hualālai. In the few years since planting coffee at Monarch, this family-run operation has won numerous awards, including receiving the Best of Hawai'i award two years in a row. 

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