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Monarch Kona Gesha Red Honey


Monarch Kona Gesha Red Honey

Flavors of jam, nougat, and floral

Aloha! This Reserve lot from Hawai’i’s Monarch Coffee showcases one of the world’s most prized coffee varietals: Gesha. Its distinctive character, terroir, and masterful processing coalesce into a coffee with surpassing flavor. A truly one-of-a-kind lot— custom-made for Olympia Coffee.

High humidity and frequent afternoon rains make honey processing rare on the Hawaiian islands. Monarch carefully babied this lot, pulping it with a good amount of sticky fruit clinging to the seed. This allowed the fruity flavors to permeate the seed, which also took on the fruit's reddish color. Each afternoon, as the humidity climbed, this lot was carefully moved to a covered air-conditioned room for slow drying, thus lowering the moisture content.

Light Roast: Agtron 65

The Agtron scale ranges from 0 to 100, with 0 being the darkest and 100 being the lightest. The most common range for roasted coffee is typically between 25 (very dark) and 75 (very light).

- 0-30: Very dark roast

- 30-45: Dark roast

- 45-55: Medium-dark roast

- 55-65: Medium roast

- 65-75: Light roast

- 75-100: Very light roast


Olympia Coffee is dedicated to ethical coffee production through our Fair For All initiative. Our approach guarantees that everyone involved in the coffee production process, from farmers to customers, benefits from our rigorous green coffee sourcing standards. Our sourcing practices and employee compensation meet Living Wage standards and are third-party certified. You can find more information about our Fair For All initiative by visiting


We purchased 200 LBS at $55.00 per pound. Because this was grown in the USA there is no exporter or importer.


We are proud to compensate our packaging team with a Living Wage of $20.75-$24.00 per hour, and our roasting team with a Living Wage of $21-26 per hour at our roastery.

  • Monarch Kona Gesha Red Honey
  • Monarch Kona Gesha Red Honey
  • Monarch Kona Gesha Red Honey
  • Monarch Kona Gesha Red Honey