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Monarch Kona Pacamara Natural Carbonic Maceration


Monarch Kona Pacamara Natural Carbonic Maceration

Flavors of blackberry, wine, and maple syrup

Aloha! We're excited to share one of our favorite coffees this year from our friends and coffee-processing experts, Monarch Coffee in Kona, Hawai'i.

Each 8oz. bag of this Kona-grown Pacamara coffee was processed exclusively for Olympia Coffee using a custom technique called Carbonic Maceration. First, the coffee cherries are siphoned to remove low-density “floaters,” then added via one-way valve to an airtight tank. Fermentation may take weeks, during which time carbon dioxide is slowly added to the tank. The varying levels of pressure in the tank create different sugars and pectins that aid fermentation. The cherries near the bottom of the tank are gently pressed over time by gravity, whereas cherries near the top remain unpressed, so fermentation occurs more slowly and almost entirely inside the skin of the fruit. After fermentation, the cherries are dried both mechanically and in the sun, depending on the local weather.

The Pacamara varietal is a hybrid native to El Salvador that crosses Pacas and Maragogype. It's known for producing very exotic tropical fruit flavors combined with an umami richness. (And it just so happens to be a personal favorite coffee varietal of our green coffee buyer!)

This is the first year Greg and Susy Stille are harvesting Pacamara at their farm, Monarch Coffee, located in the legendary Kona moku (district) on the Big Island of Hawai'i. These two spent more than thirty years falling in love with the Hawai'ian Islands and its people before starting Monarch Coffee in their retirement. It's a true ohana operation, with the Stille's adult children joining in all aspects of operations during the harvest. In the few years since planting coffee at Monarch, this family-run operation has won numerous awards, including receiving the Best of Hawai'i award two years in a row.

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