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Monarch Kona Pacamara Anaerobic


Monarch Kona Pacamara Anaerobic

Flavors of mango, cinnamon, and pear

Aloha! This special Pacamara lot was processed exclusively for Olympia Coffee as a washed Anaerobic Process by the team at Monarch in Kona. This lot was pulped, then fermented in sealed tanks for 100 hours while the temperature was monitored to control microbial activity levels. After fermentation, the coffee was dried in a temperature-controlled drying room for over 30 days. This Anaerobic, or without/with limited oxygen, fermentation often results in a winey or fruity flavor with amazing sweetness.

Monarch is a true ohana operation, with the Stille's adult children joining in all aspects of operations during the harvest. Monarch farms is in the legendary Kona moku (district) on the Big Island of Hawai'i, with a view of the Pacific Ocean and the slopes of Hualālai. In the few years since planting coffee at Monarch, this family-run operation has won numerous awards, including receiving the Best of Hawai'i award two years in a row. We know you'll enjoy this expertly grown coffee!