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Nano Genji Lot 2


Nano Genji Lot 2

Flavors of mango, peach, and citrus
Nano Genji is our first ever purchase from the region of Agaro in Jimma, western Ethiopia. This is a new washing station within the Kata Muduga Cooperative Union. This union has 630 members split between two washing stations: Nano Genji and Nano Challa. This coffee is processed a little bit differently than any of our previous Ethiopian washed coffees and goes through a newer piece of equipment that uses very little water and skips fermentation. The resulting flavors are amazingly clean and are a stellar example of what we look for in a washed Ethiopian coffee. Nano Genji puts together different lots based on the harvest date and our favorite was this lot, lot # 2. We know you'll love it as much as we do.
We want to be transparent about our sourcing of this coffee. This coffee is not within the standards of our Fair For All sourcing criteria. We purchased this coffee SPOT from Red Fox Coffee Merchants. We trust Red Fox with the information that they supplied to us. Red Fox, have been working with this producer group of Nano Challa that grew into Nano Genji for over a decade now. They are paying higher prices than the local market for these coffees. This coffee was purchased by Red Fox at a FOB price of $3.40 per LB. We cupped and scored this coffee an 88 on the arrival sample. It's been four years since we purchased a SPOT coffee, but COVID 19 has caused disruption in our shipping schedule from Ethiopia and other countries, and luckily this coffee sailed before the world closed down to quarantine.