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Parmenio Musse


Parmenio Musse

Flavors of sugar cane, fruit punch, and berries
Parmenio Musse is part of our San Sebastian Las Mingas Project. Our program for securing the best quality coffee and rewarding producers with life changing prices is legendary and has a lasting impact on the community of San Sebastian De La Plata, this program is called Las Mingas. The good word of Las Mingas, has spread deep into the mountains of these coffee farming communities, so much so, that for the last two years we have seen an increase in farmers coming as far away as an hour to deliver coffee to us in San Sebastian.
Over half of these farmers come from the town of Inza in the Cauca Department, each week they haul their parchment coffee on to the public bus that goes to San Sebastian to have their parchment coffee weighed, received, green graded, sample roasted, cupped that same day. Many of these farmers use the day in San Sebastian to buy supplies and socialize, often drinking coffee in a cafe. It’s a big day, farmers return to the warehouse to receive their cupping score and payment. If a coffee has scored 87+ the sample is FedEX across the world to our cupping lab in Olympia. 87+ scoring coffee are allocated to our San Sebastian Reserva and farmers are paid a bonus payment of 300% above the market for this sort of quality. But 89+ are kept separate and sold as micro lot’s under the farmers name, these coffees are also given a bonus payment, but these get 500% above the market prices. Welcome to our sourcing program Las Mingas (small hands) a program designed from the farm to the cup to improve lives.